Student representative

The Student Ombudsman is an independent assistance person who can advise you as a student on what corrections you have in relation to your study situation at Volda University College (HVO). All students at HVO can get help from the student representative.

The Volda University College has a cooperation agreement with the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL) on the student ombud, so that the student ombud for HVL is also a student ombud for HVO.


What can the student ombud do to help you?

- Give advice on what corrections you have as a student
- Give you guidance on how to proceed with your case
- Make sure your case is or is being properly dealt with

- Be a neutral party in the meeting between the student and the employee *

- Provide courses and training to student union representatives
- Hold lectures on student rights

Unfortunately, the student ombud cannot:
- Help you in situations that do not apply to your study situation (ask if you are in doubt)
- Take party or be a representative of you in your case
- Review or be the appellate body for a case decided

* Mediation is used only under special circumstances and requires the consent of both the student and the employee.



Kjersti Brevik Møller
Kjersti Brevik, studentombud HVO og HVL


Facebook: @studentombodet

Telefon: 458 47 150