Erasmus Charter and Policy Statement

Erasmus+ Charter

Volda University has been awarded the Erasmus+ Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) 2014-2020.

Erasmus Policy Statement

Internationalization is an integrated part of all activities carried out at Volda University College (VUC), based on the implementation of the Bologna process.

Volda University College aims to achieve and sustain excellence in the areas of teaching and research. The international work is emphasized in all study programmes, through student/staff mobility, internationally oriented research, international oriented syllabi and teaching, cooperation and involvement in international projects. In line with this, VUC intends to focus on Erasmus activities for staff and students, incoming and outgoing, as well as other cooperation projects under the Programme.

VUC has a number of well-established cooperation agreements and projects. Their main purpose is to strengthen academic relations throughout Europe and other target areas, to increase academic quality and the university college’s recruitment base, and at the same time to guarantee highest quality in the organisation of student/staff mobility.

Volda University College has guidelines for establishing cooperation with other institutions. In compliance with the Strategy Plan, VUC’s main arenas for networking are ERACON, EAIE, and other international conferences. Equally, requests from VUC’s academic body, for agreements in relevant areas, are welcomed and The International Office responds positively to such initiatives.

The Strategy Plan at Volda University College underlines that VUC will continue collaboration with the existing partner institutions in Europe and outside Europe (including Australia), as well as establish cooperation in the following strategic focus areas: India, China, Kenya, Russia, Brazil, USA and Canada.

Participation in exchange programmes for both students and staff is a high priority at VUC. Volda University College recognizes the importance and effect mobility can have on the participants, and encourages students and staff members to take part in such activities. Also, academic and administrative staff exchanges are valued and encouraged, as part of VUC’s policy to continue developing bilateral partnerships. Work placements are also considered high priority, and the International Office is constantly and actively working to promote, establish and implement contracts and agreements which include placement places.

For the next period, Volda University College’s Board and International Board have approved the Strategic Plan for Internationalization, with the following main priorities:

  • VUC shall strengthen the participation in European academic, research and innovation areas;
  • VUC shall actively take part in the development of the European area of research and innovation, through the programme Horizon 2020;
  • VUC shall maintain at least the same level of activity within solidarity projects with partners in Africa, Asia, and other current areas;
  • VUC shall actively collaborate with the business sector as well as cultural institutions and local municipalities, in order to contribute to the development and internationalization of the region;
  • VUC shall increase cooperation outside the country borders, keeping its focus on the strategic areas mentioned above;
  • VUC shall guarantee high quality in student/staff mobility by increasing the number of courses taught in English (all bachelor, master, PhD degrees shall include offers for international students);
  • VUC shall strengthen and increase opportunities for international mobility for its students and staff. Mobility shall also be connected to research, as part of existing and potential agreements and as part of newly established PhD cooperation agreement(s);
  • VUC shall focus on internationalization at home, as means towards higher awareness of the benefits of participating in mobility and international projects. VUC will ensure equal academic treatment of local and international students and resources for internationalisation shall be increased in the coming period;
  • VUC shall work actively to ensure the quality of the internationalization process of the institution as part of the general quality assurance strategy.

Volda University College has seen an impressive increase in student and staff mobility, both incoming and outgoing. This testifies to the work VUC has carried out on campus and within its extensive international network. It is also a direct result of years of strategic planning and promoting international cooperation and projects.

The overall international strategy at Volda University College is to achieve and maintain quality and excellence in the fields of education and research, prepare the world’s future employees to withstand economic, social, and cultural changes and improve the knowledge and values of future generations, by developing the skills and knowledge of the current educators.