TOD105 Script writing

Course code: 
1 semester
Credits (ECTS): 
Level of study: 
Foundation level (bachelor’s degree level)
Teaching semester: 
2020 Autumn
Program of study: 
Theatre and Drama (Bachelor)
Assessment semester: 
2020 Autumn
Language of instruction: 
Required prerequisite knowledge

The students must have completed 60 ECTS in Theatre and Drama or other relevant education before taking this course.
A sufficient mastery of the English language to participate in dialogue based lecturing is required.
Admission will be based on study programs where 15 places are reserved for theatre students and 5 places are reserved for qualified students from the exchange programs.
If less that 15 theatre students apply - open places are reserved for media students

If there are open places in this course they are open to students from these three programs, based on motivation applications.

Course content

Writing scripts for different media is a growing industry, and this course focuses on different ways of writing scripts. The students will work on:

  • Idea development and synopsis
  • Constructing characters and plot
  • Dramaturgy
  • Dialogue
Learning outcome

In accordance with the National Qualifications Framework the student will achieve the following learning outcomes after completing the course:

Learning outcome knowledge

The student

  • has basic knowledge of selected theories of dramaturgy and script writing
  • has knowledge of key processes within script writing for short film and stage plays
Learning outcome skills

The student

  • can apply knowledge of the script writing process to write short scripts for both stage and screen
  • can apply knowledge of adaptation to writing an adaptation
Learning outcome qualification

The student

  • can participate in debates on different kinds of scripts
Working and learning activities

a) The course is a part time study, organized in 4 sessions of 2 days, and a one week intensive course, with written work to be handed in between the sessions.

b) The classes will consist of a variety of teaching methods, both in groups and individually:

  • seminars and workshops
  • net lectures
  • script readings
  • film viewings
  • 5 plays in 5 days - challenge

The course will have a special focus on individual guidance to help the students in their script writing. 

Assessment requirements

a) Attendance
The course has compulsory attendance of an active and engaged character.
To qualify for the final exam the student has to have an attendance of a minimum of 80% in each of the 5 sessions.
See: Regulations governing studies and examinations at Volda University College, §7.3, on attendance/participation in teaching.

b) Course work

  • Two scripts with individual guidance (2500-3500 words each).
Minimum number of students: 
Maximum number of students: 
Person in charge: 
Hege Holmqvist Synnes
Anna Blekastad Watson
This course is part of these study programs
Erasmus Exchange Programme
Voice acting and scriptwriting
Theatre and Drama (Bachelor)
Theatre and Drama (Year study)
Form of assessmentGroupingDurationType of durationGrading scaleProportionCommentSupported materialScope
PortfolioIndividual1WeekA-F, A is the best grade and E is the lowest passing grade100The student chooses one of the two short scripts from the course works, which is evaluated and graded after the student has had time for revising.All2500-3500 words
Form of assessment:Portfolio
Type of duration:Week
Grading scale:A-F, A is the best grade and E is the lowest passing grade
Comment:The student chooses one of the two short scripts from the course works, which is evaluated and graded after the student has had time for revising.
Supported material:All
Scope:2500-3500 words
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Unni Hagen