MID128 Web front-end design

Course code: 
1 semester
Credits (ECTS): 
Level of study: 
Foundation level (bachelor’s degree level)
Full course name in Norwegian Nynorsk: 
Web front-end design
Program of study: 
Media, IKT og design - Mediadesign
Teaching semester: 
2020 Autumn
Assessment semester: 
2020 Autumn
Language of instruction: 
Norwegian / English
Required prerequisite knowledge

MID131 or a 30 ects other relevant media studies.

Course content

This course looks at  the client side of webdesign.  Focusing on the visual design and user experience, the class covers how to work methodologically from idea to finished webpage.

Learning outcome

In accordance with the national qualification framework the student has reached the following learning outcomes:

Learning outcome knowledge

The candidate has knowledge of:

  • Usability

  • Accessibility

  • designing websites for different platforms (mobil, desktop).

  • structuring content on the web (HTML5).

  • designing wegpages (CSS3 / graphic design).

  • working methodologically with design.

Learning outcome skills

The candidate knows how to:

  • use Adobe Creative Suite to create design sketches and  elements of
    webpages, focusing on usabillity

  • structure content on webpages, using HTML

  • control the appearance of content on webpages, using CSS.

Learning outcome qualification

The candidate can:

  • plan and execute a webdesign project.

  • structure content using hypertext
Working and learning activities

We use problembased and student-active methods for learning. Activities will be a combination of workshops, seminars with industry specialists, online selfpaced learning  and web projects working both individually and in groups.

Assessment requirements

During the term, each student will submit three mandatory assignments. These assignments have to be approved before the student is allowed to take the exam.

The exam consists of a portfolio where each student chooses two of the three assignments, in addition to a written report of 1500 - 2000 words.

Evaluation system

Grading will be done in accordance with the Regulations governing studies and examinations at Volda University College.


The course will be evaluated in accordance with the University College’s routines for quality assurance.

Minimum number of students: 
Maximum number of students: 
Person in charge: 
Ivar John Erdal
This course is part of these study programs
Media, IKT og design - Mediadesign
Form of assessmentGroupingDurationType of durationGrading scaleProportionCommentSupported materialScope
PortfolioIndividual1SemesterA-F, A is the best grade and E is the lowest passing grade100 The grade from work requirement 1, assignments specified in the semesterplan.
Form of assessment:Portfolio
Type of duration:Semester
Grading scale:A-F, A is the best grade and E is the lowest passing grade
Supported material:
Scope: The grade from work requirement 1, assignments specified in the semesterplan.
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Odd Ragnar Hunnes 21.03.20