MD105 Editorial design

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1 semester
Credits (ECTS): 
Level of study: 
Foundation level (bachelor’s degree level)
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Editorial design
Teaching semester: 
2021 Spring
Program of study: 
Media, IKT og design - Mediadesign
Assessment semester: 
2021 Spring
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Required prerequisite knowledge

Sufficient mastery of the English language is required. Students following Erasmus programs and media related study programs will be given priority. A primary admission list will be made within two weeks after the first application deadline. VUC reserves non-commercial user rights to work submitted during the course. 

Course content

Editorial design is about constructing editorial content for a media production or event (magazin, exhibition, performance, presentation, application) with focus on both content and design. Depending on the individual choice of interpretation and visualisation of content, the result can contain visual elements like text, photos, illustrations, animations, movies or anything else that emphazises and communicates the chosen topic in the best way.

Learning outcome

In accordance with the National Qualifications Framework the student will achieve the following learning outcomes after completing the course:

Learning outcome knowledge

Students will

  • acquire extended knowledge in visualising content by research
  • acquire extended knowledge about layout skills
Learning outcome skills

Students will

  • acquire extended skills in editorial planning, including aspects of journalistic research and design planning
Learning outcome qualification

Students will

  • have aquired an understanding of editorial design, its relation/response to research and its visual presentation that will help them to develop versatile knowledge for different target groups and customers
Working and learning activities

During the course, the students will develop their own media production or event. Lectures related to design, production planning and relevant software will be given during the course, and by group- and individual meetings the students will receive continously feedback. Lectures are mandatory. Students planning to run selv-appointed projects must apply with application sketches within the first week of this course. Selv-appointed projects must be run by minimum 3, maximum 5 students (preferably including one foreign student at least), and the projects need to be approved after a short presentation / pitch. All other students will be attached to editorial groups and construct their own individual editorial work (preferably a magazin), based on interviews of their group members. A given topic will be the framework for the project. Group meetings and individual meetings during the whole course.

Assessment requirements

Students failing to attend the first lecture without valid reason will be excluded.

The final product is to be presented electronically for the whole class.

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Maximum number of students: 
Person in charge: 
Thomas Lewe
This course is part of these study programs
Media, IKT og design - Mediadesign
Bachelor of PR, Communication and Media
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PortfolioIndividual 1SemesterA-F, A is the best grade and E is the lowest passing grade
Form of assessment:Portfolio
Duration: 1
Type of duration:Semester
Grading scale:A-F, A is the best grade and E is the lowest passing grade
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