ENG141 Grammar and lexicology

1 semester
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Credits (ECTS): 
Level of study: 
Foundation level (bachelor’s degree level)
Full course name in Norwegian Nynorsk: 
Grammatikk og leksikologi
Teaching semester: 
2021 Autumn
Program of study: 
Bachelor in Language and Literature
Assessment semester: 
2021 Autumn
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Required prerequisite knowledge


Course content

The course provides a basic introduction to English grammar and lexicology, with emphasis on syntax, morphology, and vocabulary.

Learning outcome

In accordance with the national qualification framework, the student will have acquired the following learning outcomes upon completing the course:

Learning outcome knowledge

- English morphology, with particular emphasis on the verbal and nominal systems

- English syntax

- the relationship between form and meaning in English grammar

- central concepts within English lexicology, etymology and word formation


Learning outcome skills

The student is able to:

- identify and analyse elements of English language usage on different levels

- reflect on the effect of a variety of grammatical structures

- use their knowledge about English grammar to improve their English language usage

- analyse and discuss the use of words in English and their relation to meaning and style

Learning outcome qualification

The student is able to:

- write acceptable academic English.

- use knowledge and skills with some degree of independence, reflection, and critical thinking.

Working and learning activities

Teaching takes the form of lectures, exercises, pair/group work and individual work. Attendance is compulsory for all scheduled classes. 75% overall attendance during the semester is required to sit for the exam.

Assessment requirements

Each student must submit two written assignments in response to tasks set by the course convener. The length of the assignments will depend on the type of tasks set. Both of these must be passed for a student to sit for the final exam. The course convener decides if these assignments are to be submitted individually or in groups. The assignments must be submitted within a deadline posted at the start of the semester.

Evaluation system

Exams will be assessed in accordance with Regulations for admissions, studies and exams at Volda University College, § 5-11


The course will be evaluated in accordance with the University College’s routines for quality assurance.

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Person in charge: 
Vibeke Jensen
This course is part of these study programs
Bachelor in Language and Literature
Year Course in English
Year Course in English
Form of assessmentGroupingDurationType of durationGrading scaleProportionCommentSupported materialScope
Home examIndividual6HoursA-F, A is the best grade and E is the lowest passing grade 100
Form of assessment:Home exam
Type of duration:Hours
Grading scale:A-F, A is the best grade and E is the lowest passing grade
Proportion: 100
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Arne Myklebust