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Academic Search Elite
Full text database with access to scientific and general journals including social sciences, humanities, languages and literature, art, technology and science.

Atekst, Retriever
Media archive with full text from a large number of Norwegian, Swedish and Danish newspapers.

The National Library has digitised a number of Norwegian newspapers.
Access only in the library. Contact the library staff for login.

Beacon for Freedom of Expression
International database on censorship and freedom of speech. Registers censorship in a global and historical perspective, and includes references to books, articles, radio broadcasts, newspapers, etc.

National search service with information about books, electronic publications, audiobooks, notes, etc. in Norwegian libraries.

BMJ Best Practice
Medical and health-related reference source for primary and specialist health services.

BRAVO (Brage Volda)
HVO's open institutional archives

British Library
Catalogue of the British Library

Campbell Collaboration
Systematic reviews and controlled studies of the impact of measures within the social field, psychology, criminology and education.

International article base for health sciences with main emphasis on nursing. Cinahl is particularly good for qualitative research and research on patient experiences.

Covers key questions about the effectiveness of measures. The best source for systematic reviews and controlled studies in health science. Full Text. International coverage.

The national research information system of Norway. Documents all scholarly publications by Norwegian researchers.

Danish National Research Database
Danish research, researchers and research institutions.

Theses and other publications from Swedish universities and research institutions.

Professionally rated open access journals from around the world.

Ebook Central
Over 140,000 e-books from ProQuest in many fields of study including economics, social sciences and humanities.

EBSCO Open Dissertations
References to US doctoral dissertations 1933-    .

Embase (Ovid)
Reference database for medicine and pharmacology.

International database of pedagogical literature. Includes literature on pedagogy and education for most subjects, topics and education levels. Mainly journal articles but also books, dissertations and conference reports. Over two thirds of the content is full text.

Communal website for European cultural heritage. Contains books, images, movies, sound recordings, painting, archived documents, etc.

FirstSearch (OCLC)
Through a common interface, OCLC offers 12 American reference databases with a wide range of topics.

Research database focusing on human impact on the environment. Covering subjects such as agriculture, education, law, health and technology. Some full text.

Gyldendal rettsdata
Norwegian law database including resources on laws, regulations, court orders, preparatory work, international law, professional literature, etc.
Feide-login on and outside campus for students and employees.

Resource for health sciences databases and journals.

High North Research Documents
Search service from UiT, which provides access to research documents on the High North

Over 60 Norwegian and Nordic journals in full text from Universitetsforlaget.

Archive of international scientific journals in full text, mainly within humanities and social sciences. The database usually does not cover the last 3-5 years of a journal.

LISTA - Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts
International database of library, information science and technology.

Database for Swedish academic and research libraries

Norwegian law database containing updated laws and central and local regulations in full text.

Lovdata Pro
Subscription version of Lovdata. Contains laws, regulations, preparatory work, court orders, statements, resolutions, circulars and legal literature. Also gives access to EEA / EU legal bases and other international legal bases, as a summary in Norwegian by judgments issued by the Human Rights Court.
Login with Feide-ID for off campus access.

Medline (Ovid)
References to journal articles in medicine, nursing and other health subjects.
Joint entrance to public libraries in Møre og Romsdal

MøreRom : lokalhistoriske artiklar
Local history articles from Møre og Romsdal.

Nasjonalbibliotekets nettbibliotek
Online library with books, newspapers and journals at The Norwegian National Library.

NORA - Norwegian Open Research Archives
National search service for scientific/academic information in open institutional archives.

References to articles in Norwegian and Nordic journals and annals.

NPI - Norwegian Publication Indicator
Provides information about the Norwegian Publication Indicator and is a resource for Scientific panels in connection with their annual task of nominating journals, series and publishers. 

Database that provides overview of printed and electronic collections in the library at Volda University College and all other university and college libraries in Norway.

An occupational therapy database that contains abstracts of systematic reviews, randomised controlled trials and other relevant resources.

Physiotherapy database including research on treatment and preventive measures.

PsycInfo (Ovid)
Database in Psychology. Provides references to journal articles, research reports, dissertations, conference reports and books.

References to journal articles in medicine, nursing and other health subjects.
Same content as Medline (Ovid), but with other search interfaces.

SAGE Premier
Full-text journals in many diverse fields of study including sociology, media, education and criminology.

Searchable index of songs published in Norway.

Social Care Online
Large UK social work database covering research, public documents, journal articles, etc. Some full text available.

Stortingsforhandlinger 1814–
Parliamentary proceedings in full text.

Nordic database in medicine and health science. Contains references to articles in Nordic journals from 1977 onwards.

Academic publications at Swedish universities.

Taylor & Francis
We subscribe to the following electronic journal packages:
S & T collection (Science & Technical) 425 titles, and SSH collection (Social Science & Humanities) 1165 titles.

Teacher Reference Center 
References to articles from peer-reviewed journals in education and teaching.

Web of Science
Citation Database. Contains references to articles from leading journals in science, technology, social sciences and humanities. Gives statistics about how often articles are cited.

World Digital Library
Manuscripts, maps, rare books, sound recordings, movies, print, photography, architectural drawings and other cultural materials from all over the world.

WorldCat (FirstSearch)
Collective database for hundreds of libraries, most American. Covers mostly books and journals (not articles).
Provides access to quality assurance research literature from all over the world.