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Volda University College is located in a small town on the west coast of Norway, but our perspective is global. Out of approximately 3500 students, more than 200 are international. Our four faculties offer a variety of courses in their subject areas: Humanities and Education, Social Sciences and History, Art and Physical Education and Media and Journalism.


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Information about mumps

At the moment there is an ongoing outbreak of the viral disease mumps in the student environment in Bergen and Trondheim. It is not registered infection outbreaks in Volda.


Board decision in the structure debate

This is a preliminary version of the Board decision made on October 30th. The Board approves protocol at the next board meeting.



The International Board at Volda University College has announced a competition for funds related to internationalization at the college. More than 600.000 NOK (app. 64,000 Euro) is in the bid and the board hopes that the competition will stimulate to the development of large projects.


Congratulations, Preben Carlsen!

We congratulate the PR-company Trigger, headed by former VUC-student Preben Carlsen, was awarded the Global SABRE Award for the best creative PR-company.

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