Religion in Norway – from homogeneity to multiculturalism

Target groups:Students from any partner university outside Norway as well as Norwegian students who want to study the role of religion in the Norwegian society – taught in English.Objectives:The objectives of this course are to provide the students with knowledge of the development of the role of religion in Norwegian society from the introduction of Christianity in the Middle Ages to the plural society of the present time.

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The course introduces the students to three main topics: the development of Christianity in Norway from the Middle Ages until the 1800s; the development of Norway into a pluralistic society during the 20th century; the role of religions and world views in the public discourse in the welfare state of Norway today. The public discourse is further advanced with an introduction to diverse means of cooperation among people belonging to different religions and world views in Norway.

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Undervisningsmåtar og vurderingsordningar

The teaching methods include lectures, group work and seminars.

Visits to churches in the local community can be relevant as part of the course.