Fordjupingsstudium Vidareutdanning (bachelornivå)

Documentary Photography


The course shall give the student suffient knowledge and skills to operate independently as a photographer in a journalistic and documentaristic context.

Required equipment: Personal camera fit for documentary photography plus access to digital post-production of images and Internet connection. Some lighting and support equipment (eg tripod) will be available.

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Søknadskode : 4229

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Varigheit 1 semester

Studiepoeng 15

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Søknadsfrist 15.04.2020


The course involves a series of set photographic assignments through which skills in photography and visual storytelling will be taught through a mixture of plenary sessions and individual tutorials with a professor. Further, there will be a writing, research and academic essay element in the programme  which will form part of the final exam.


30 ECST credits within arts or media related studies. Documented practical skills of photography, and sufficient mastery of the English language to participate in dialogue lecturing. Admission will be based on study programs and a short letter of application stating your background and reason for applying, along with a portfolio of 12-15 of your own photographs: all supplied in PDF-format, which you upload in Soknadsweb, under "My Documents". Students following media related study programmes will be given priority. 

Required personal equipment: Personal equipment fit for documentary photography plus access to digital photographic post-production software.

Undervisningsmåtar og vurderingsordningar

The taught element of the course is organized over five gatherings during the early part of the autumn semester. Teaching will be offered in the form of seminars and tutorials. Plenary discussions will be held around student submitted presentations of work in progress. Individual guidance, in person or net-based, will be provided between the gatherings.



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