Volda and surroundings

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Situated on the western coast of Norway, Volda is surrounded by mountains, forests and fjord. Volda is a charming town in the county of Møre og Romsdal, with around 10 000 inhabitants and a student body of approximately 4500 students (about 2000 on-campus students).


The town’s main employers are the university college and the local hospital, but Volda is also known for traditional occupations such as farming, fishing, forestry and aquaculture. Volda is famous for its strong cultural heritage and academic traditions. The town centre is a charming area, located right on the shores of the Voldsfjorden. There are many old wooden buildings - both commercial and residential - but at the town’s heart is a beautiful stone church, built in the 1930’s.

Foto: Jonas Közle.
Foto: Jonas Közle.

The Sunnmøre Alps

The beautiful alpine mountain areas in the vicinity of Volda are called the Sunnmøre Alps, and stun nature lovers. Some of the peaks reach as high as 1700 meters straight up from the fjord, of which the best known are Slogen, Kolåstinden, Hornindalsrokken, Skårasalen and Råna. The Sunnmøre Alps offer unique terrain for hiking, and are visited by large numbers of tourists in both summer and winter.

Foto: Diego Delso.


Geiranger is the jewel in the crown of the Norwegian fjords. It is so unique that it has been included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is a fairytale landscape with its majestic, snow-covered mountaintops, wild and beautiful waterfalls, lush green vegetation and the deep, blue fjord (geiranger.no).

Foto: Vom Berg


Approximately 90 minutes away from Volda, you find the Art Nouveau city of Ålesund. Mount Aksla, with the viewpoints Fjellstua and Kniven, is one of Ålesund’s biggest attractions. The views of the town, the lovely islands and the majestic Sunnmøre Alps further inland, are simply fantastic (visitalesund.com).

Getting here

Volda is only 50 minutes away by plane, from the capital city Oslo. The local airport Hovden Orsta/Volda (wf.no) has several daily flights to and from Oslo and Bergen, and buying a youth ticket is the most affordable option. Also, Ålesund Airport Vigra has direct routes to and from Oslo, Bergen, Amsterdam, Riga, Gdansk and more (sas.no, norwegian.no). However, you must keep in mind the extra cost of the bus trip from Ålesund airport to Volda. A more traditional way of getting to Volda is by bus. The regular night bus from Oslo takes 10 hours to reach Volda and stops at Oslo Airport Gardermoen (vy.no)

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