MID202 Advanced Media Production

1 semester
Bachelor (grunnivå)
Bachelor i medieproduksjon
2020 Vår
2020 Vår
Krav til forkunnskapar

The course is open to students in the media production pathway in the Bachelor in media production after completing their first three semesters of study. Other students and exchange students may apply based on the following prerequisites:

1. 60 ECTS of media production courses or equivalent experience.

2. Study participation requires good knowledge of the English language.

3. Showreel or example of production work.

4. Audition tape.

Link to audition tape requirements and form for submitting links to portfolio samples: https://forms.gle/nE1STdxBAFY995fQ7

Upon fulfillment of prerequisites, admission may be granted in consideration of the maximum amount of students.

Om emnet

The Advanced Media Production course provides practical and theoretical workshops in single camera video and post-production. The students will explore the working worlds of each key discipline in making films in the new media landscape, with a focus on short form content in various genres. 

Key disciplines that will be covered in this course are the producer, the director, the video editor, the sound designer, and sound editor. Topics covered are cinematography, lighting, editing, sound design, directing actors, interviewing technique, staging, blocking, running a production set, and production paperwork.

The students will develop practical and artistic skills using professional media production tools, both in a controlled environment and on location.

The course also provides theoretical knowledge of different production methods, and the students will explore storytelling and narratives on various platforms through written and practical work. Whether you are working on a commercial or a corporate video, a documentary, a fictional short, or a web series on mobiles and desktops, a solid understanding of the applied principles of media production and skills development in editing, storytelling and aesthetic style are required - the course prepares you to apply these in future productions.

The course aims to take advantage of the students’ previous background and skills, and help each student further develop into their intended area of specialization.


In accordance with the National Qualifications Framework the student will achieve the following learning outcomes after completing the course:

  • has knowledge of principles for turning a script and/or treatment into a shooting plan.
  • has knowledge of key terms, processes and theories within the process of film and video production and post-production.
  • has knowledge of technical operations in camera, sound and post production operations.
  • has knowledge of production roles, skills and responsibilities.
  • has knowledge of media distribution models.
  • develop increased skill in directing a production set and interviews.
  • can reflect on their practice, analyse it and adjust under supervision.
  • develop increased technical skills in camera, sound and post production operations.
  • can apply and utilise production management practice to media productions.
  • can find, assess and refer to information and knowledge and relate it to the topic in an academic essay.
Generell kompetanse
  • can identify and explain media production roles, responsibilities and skills required for different genres.
  • can operate camera, sound and post production tools effectively and independently.
  • can write reflective and academic essays.
Praktisk organisering og arbeidsmåtar

The course has compulsory attendance by the 80/20 rule and will consist of different workshops combined with lectures, seminars and practical work, in groups or individually. 

The course is taught in English. Individual assignments and papers may be written in Norwegian or English.




Vilkår for å framstille seg til eksamen
  • Create a media product in connection with each workshop.
  • A knowledge test.
  • Write a theory paper
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Bachelor i medieproduksjon
Bachelorstudium i PR, kommunikasjon og media
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