FLM102 Introduction to Film History

1 semester
Bachelor (grunnivå)
2025 Vår
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Introduction to Film History
2025 Vår
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This course offers an introduction to film history. You will get to see various films from the history of cinema, from the silent era to the modern day, and be introduced to conceptual tools that can be used to discuss their significance. The course focuses on film as an art form, stressing questions of film aesthetics and the language of cinema. This means that an emphasis will be given to how film form and film style creates meaningful experiences. However, regarding film as a representational as well as a formative medium, matters of social realities and questions of ethics will also be addressed.

The course is designed to give any student, from whatever field, an introduction to film history. However, since it is oriented around the film experience, also those students already familiar with film history can expect to see and learn something new in this course. Canonical films are shown alongside lesser-known films, and analytical and theoretical concepts are intermixed with personal reflection that will be encouraged among the students. Along with offering you an introduction to film history, the course provides an introduction to film theory and film analysis.


In accordance with the National Qualifications Framework the student will have following learning outcome after completing the course:


The student will

  • Have basic knowledge of film history
  • Have basic knowledge of concepts of film history
  • Have basic knowledge of the historical, theoretical and analytical study of film
  • Have basic knowledge of influential aesthetic forms in the history of film

The student will

  • Be able to reflect on film in a historical perspective.
  • Be able to watch a film analytically.
  • Be able to write about film, and to use historical, theoretical and analytical tools to do so.
Generell kompetanse

The student will

  • Become familiar with some important films and tendencies in the history of cinema.
  • Be able to critically reflect on their own habits of attention and interpretation when watching and discussing films.
  • Get an analytical and theoretical framework to further watch films with historical awareness.
Praktisk organisering og arbeidsmåtar

The course is based on film screenings, with introductions before the screenings and discussions after the screenings. In between these seminars, where students are encouraged to be active participants, the students are required to read literature related to the themes discussed.

Vilkår for å framstille seg til eksamen

Assessment requirements

Deliver an evaluation of the course. This evaluation will be conducted anonymously.

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  • Animasjon - bachelor
  • Medieproduksjon - bachelor
  • PR, kommunikasjon og media - bachelor
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Essay around 2500 words.
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