Kishore Gajendra: «Life in the woods»

Kishore Gajendra
Foto: Kishore Gajendra

Mental health is a widely discussed topic in Norway and while there are many factors that affect a person’s mental health, the addiction to technology and the stress that comes with it can have a significant affect on our mental health and well-being.

How do we find a balance between the perks of modern technology and solitude of being in nature? And how does that help our mental health? 
Kishore Gajendra is a PPU student at Volda University College. He moved from India to Norway over 3 years ago and has a keen interest in mental health and yoga. In 2017 he wanted to experience nature and decided to live in the woods for one year. Kishore moved to a cabin up on the mountains in Volda, without electricity, water, and other necessities that we enjoy on a daily basis. Being out there on his own was challenging but taught him a few valuable lessons. 

Please join to find out what came out of this experiment, and the positive impact Kishore’s life in the woods had on his mental health!

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