Special examination arrangement

If you have a disability or a health problem that causes significant inconvenience in an examination situation, you may be apply for special examination arrangements. Special arrangements can not be so extensive that they give you an advantage compared to other students. This means that you will not necessarily be granted the arrangement you have applied for.
Normally special examination arrangements may be the use of a desktop computer, aids such as software (i.e. LingDys), extended time or an opportunity to sit in a smaller room. If you apply for aid you do not usually use, you should try it out in advance.

In the current situation (Lockdown due to Covid 19), we will only be able to offer extended time, and any new applications will be evaluated individually. Extended time will not be offered for assignments and home exams of more than 7 days. You will find the applicationform for extended time her.

We will only accept Applications for exams in spring semester 2020 if they are based on challenges you face now, and could not foresee:

  • If you suffer from acute illness or injury
  • Your life situation prevents you from performing as planned., e.g. closed kindergarten / SFO (confirm this with a copy / picture of birth certificate for children under 10, or birth certificate).

Send form / e-mail and any attachments as digital mail to Volda University College, or e-mail studentsorvis@hivolda.no. Use encryption if you use email.

Should you become acutely ill or suffer an injury during the exam, you must contact the Student Service Office at studentsorvis@hivolda.no or by telephone at (+47) 7007 5018 as soon as possible; either the day of examination or the day after.

Application form
Complete the application form and attach documentation of disability from your doctor/specialist. If your application concerns dyslexia, dyscalculia or dysgraphia, you must submit documentation from a speech therapist/specialist.
Hand in or send the application form together with documentation by mail to Student Service Office at studentsorvis@hivolda.no


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