Special examination arrangement

If you have a disability or a health problem that causes significant inconvenience in an exam situation, you may may be eligible for special examination arrangements.

Special arrangements can not be so extensive that they give you an advantage compared to other students. This means that you will not necessarily be granted the arrangement you have applied for.

Due to to COVID-19 situation you may experience that in-class exams could be re-arranged into alternative, digital exams.

Special examination arrangements for each student will be assessed based on the application and on the current situation.

Below you will find information regarding the current situation and scenarios where it would be necessary to change the exam format.


Current situation

To apply for special examination agreements, please complete the application form and attach documentation of disability from your doctor/specialist.

The deadline for applying for special examination agreements is October 1st.


If the exam format changes

If it is necessary to change the exam format, we will only be able to offer a time extention. You would then be required to send a new, individual application.

Normally it will not be given extended time for term papers or home exams. 

The newest information regarding application deadlines and any changes to the terms of an application for special examination agreements will be published on this page.

Hand in your application form together with documentation online or by mail to Student Service Office at studentsorvis@hivolda.no. If you choose to email us your application, make sure you send the application with attached documents through a secure and crypted service.

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