Exam results, explanation of grades and appeals

Announcement of the grade

The grade is published in Studentweb, and the deadline for submitting grades is 3 weeks after the exam.

In periods with many holidays the deadline is set to 15 workdays. cf. Temporary Regulations conserning Censorship Deadline (duration: 01.08.2017 - 31.12.2018).

Explanation of grades

We recommend that you ask for an explanation of your grade before deciding to submit an appeal.

What is an explanation of grades?
An explanation states the general principles on which the assessment was based and explains the assessment of your performance. We recommend that you ask for an explanation of your grade before deciding to submit an appeal. (cf. UH-lova § 5-3 Klage over karakterfastsetting – rett til grunngjeving, in Norwegian only).

Deadline for requesting an explanation:

■ Written examinations: one week after the grade is published in Studentweb.

■ Oral or practical examinations: immediately after you have received your grade.

The explanation should normally be given within two weeks after you have asked for it. The examiner decides whether the explanation is to be given in writing or verbally.

E-mail an application for explanation of grades to: grunngjeving@hivolda.no

Fill inn the following information:

Coursecode and name of the course
Form of assessment
Candidate number

Appeal against grades

You can submit an appeal against your grades for all written examinations. You cannot submit an appeal against the grades of oral or practical examinations, since the performance is not documented for future purposes.
The deadline for submitting an appeal against grades is 3 weeks after you got the explanation of grades or from the grade was published in Studentweb.

Submitt an appeal against grades


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