Digital exams

Prepare for examination

Check your candidate number and find the room for the examination in Studentweb. 
You log in to Inspera with Feide using your HVO-username and password. Make sure your user account is active on the examination day. You are not granted extra time on your examination if you are delayed due to a password change.

Examination day

Be present in the examination room at 08:30. Remember to bring a valid picture ID (student identity card, passport, driving licence or credit card).

Written examinations conducted on desktop computers.

  • Find your assigned place in the room labeled with a name tag.
  • Read the given instructions you find at your assigned place and start the desktop computer
  • The exam starts at setup time. 
  • Information about the examination support material permitted during the exam is given by the invigilator. You can also read information about the examination support material in the course plan. If you wish to use scrap paper during the exam, contact the invigilator.
  • You are required to comply to instructions given by the invigilator. 
  • If technical problem emerge during the examination - immediately call the invigilator. If you fail to call the invigilator when you discover technical issues, this missing action may be handled as cheating or attempt to cheat.
  • Important: Contact the invigilator when you are ready to hand in your exam response. The invigilator controls the examfiling. Before you leave the examination room you have to sign the attendance protocol.

Digital exam – Bring your own device (BYOD)

Digital exam requires that you bring your own device. You have to insall Safe Exam Browser (SEB). This browser locks the laptop computer during exam so you only have access to the exam system. 
Log in with Feide: and take the demo exam (with password) to install Safe Exam Browser.

Hardware requirements
The device must have a wireless network adapter and you need to bring the power cable. The device must be able to run uninterrupted during the day of the examination. It is allowed to bring a mouse, but it can not be wireless. If you don't bring your own device you have to write on paper. It also include those who forget to bring laptop computer on the examination day.

Prepare for examination
A couple of weeks before you attend the exam you must ensure that:

  • The device works properly. If you suspect something wrong with it, you can bring it to the IT help so they can control it.
  • You have to check the installed Safe Exam Browser (SEB), you need the latest version available. Notice that SEB sets requirements for your operating system. Old machines may not run with SEB - you will find out while you do the installation. Contact IT help if you get problems.
  • You have completed the Demo exam.
  • Log in with Feide: If you are able to complete the demo exam, you can rest assured that the laptop computer is ready for use on the examination day.

Examination day

  • Bring your own device and power cable to the exam.
  • Bring ear plugs if you need.
  • Attend to the location of the exam at least 30 minutes before start: 08:30.
  • Find your space and connect your device to power.
  • Take a restart if the device is in hibernate mode.
  • Connect the machine to the wireless network and start SEB.
  • Log in with Feide. See further instructions placed to you on the table.

The invigilators will enter the password/PIN code just before the exam starts.
Those who need scrap paper can get this with the invigilators. When the exam deadline is at the end, your examination answer will be automatically locked and you will be sent to the submission page. The exam response is available to you under 'Archive' in the Inspera system after you have handed in the exam response.
Did you apply for special examination arrangements?
Check information and examination room in the Studentweb.

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