Digital access to all printed and electronic resources in the Volda University College Library.

Contains bibliographical references for monographs, articles from books and journals, biographies, diaries, etc, where 1814 is either the main theme, or is a key part.

Contains a chronological overview from 1814 to June 1906, full text documents, links to digitised newspapers from the National Library: 1905 issues of Aftenposten, Dagbladet and Socialdemokraten, as well as the three Swedish newspapers Nya Dagligt Allehanda, Dagens Nyheter and Social Demokraten, bibliographies with references to books and articles published in Norway and Sweden 1885-2005.

Historisk bibliografi (Norhist)
References to books, pamphlets, monographs in series, as well as articles in journals and annals released in Norway 1980-1997. Some international books and articles are included.  

Hovudoppgåver i historie
Bibliographic references to theses from Norwegian universities from 1945-1993.

MøreRom : lokalhistoriske artiklar
Local history articles from Møre og Romsdal.

Replaces Historisk bibliografi (Norhist) from 1998-   .


Website for local history encyclopaedic articles and source archive run by the Norsk lokalhistorisk institutt (Norwegian Local History Institute). Articles are written by volunteers with interest and expertise in the relevant subjects.


National Norwegian search service of institutional archive catalogues.

Digitalarkivet (Digital archives)
Digitised searchable resources such as censuses, church records and emigrant protocols.

HIFO - Den norske historiske forening (The Norwegian Historical Association)
HIFO works to promote Norwegian historical research and to strengthen the history subjects in higher education and the school system.

Historisk statistikk (Historical statistics)
From Statistisk Sentralbyrå (Statistics Norway). Historical statistics including historical publications in pdf format, tables with time series that go back in time, by topic, historical statistical analysis articles and Norwegian censuses

Constructed under the direction of the Norsk lokalhistorisk institutt (Norwegian Local History Institute). Has the objective of spreading knowledge and documentation about various aspects of local history, giving access to local historical sources and providing guidance to local historical writers and principals.

Nasjonalbibliotekets fotoarkiv (Norwegian National Library Photo Archive)
Digital versions of photography produced in the period 1880-1970, with comments.

Universitetsmuseenes arkeologiske samlinger på nett
Archaeological artefact database with map search, subject search and a selection of extras.


American Historical Review
Scholarly journal from the University of Chicago Press, in full text from 1985 (most recent 12 months not available).

Historisk tidsskrift
Years from 2002 to present in full text via journal database Idunn.

Historisk tidsskrift and Heimen, search in index

Scholarly journal from Blackwell, in full text from 1990 (most recent 12 months not available).

History & Theory
Scholarly journal from Blackwell, in full text from 1985.

Scandinavian Journal of History
Scholarly journal from Routledge, in full text from 1998 (most recent 12 months not available).