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Volda University College uses the digital exam system Inspera Assessment. This applies to both exam completion and censorship.

You log in with your Feide user account.
Note; - If you are an external examiner, you must have Feide access at Volda University College to censor and log in with Feide.
Alternatively, you can log in via "registered user". If this option applies to you, you have received a username and password in a separate e-mail.
If the login page takes you to the institution you are affiliated with, you must open an "incognito" tab in the browser and enter the login address for Volda University College there.

Read more about: Log in to Inspera

Have you accepted work assignments at Volda University College?

In order for us to be able to fill out the contract for the assignment, we must have your contact information and Norwegian national identity number. You can give this information to your contact person at the department who has given you to the assignment. We need this information as soon as possible, so that we can register this in the necessary systems.

After the information is received, you will receive a contract for the assignment. We request that the signed and completed contract be sent back to your contact person listed in the letter you received.
Please check that all information is correctly completed.

Salary payments in accordance with agreement.

Digital grading in Inspera

You will receive an e-mail from Inspera with login information before the exam. Save this message for later. If you need to create your own password, this will be indicated in the message.

When the exam is finished you will receive an e-mail from your contact person in the Administration Office with practical information regarding your exam.

For more information on the implementation of censorship, see the Guidelines for censorship and the instructions from Inspera:

Grade candidates

Confirm your grades

Complete Final Grades

Confirm Final Grades


Read deliveries on paper

Download Grading Protocol

Grading Oral Exams

If something unforeseen should occur during login, censorship, etc., Please contact the Administration Office (your contact person) as soon as possible, or send a message to, or call Tel. 7007 5000 during working hours.

Payments and travel expenses

Volda University College uses the Norwegian Government Agency for Financial Management (DFØ) for registration and submission of travel expenses, expense reimbursement claims and remunerations.

Fee recipients can log in to our web portal Betalmeg or the DFØ-app using ID-porten.
To do that, you must have an electronic ID (e-ID). Read more about ID-porten and e-ID.

Start with downloading the grading protocol from Inspera, which shows the number of assignments that are graded (pdf file). The contract agreement shall contain the rate per examination response (cf. information in the letter you have received), and an estimated number of exam responses (cf. the grading protocol in Inspera). You should then fill in the total hours.
You will be paid standard fees for ordinary examinations and re-sit exams. If one exam has several commissions and one of the commissions is chosen to be a complaints commission, the fee will not be paid again.

- Travel expenses and expense reimbursement claims must be registered separately, in two different claims.
- If you have graded more than one course, you must submit one (1) claim for each course code and with the contract agreement as an attachment to each course.
- If you have a claim for reimbursement of travel expenses you must attach the receipts.

Payroll: 551A, see the bottom of the contract.

Please; only register the total amount and hours in the "BetalMeg" portal. Remember to upload the grading protocol as an attachment and the contract agreement.

Send payroll / travel claims for approval. The claims goes directly to the "inbox" of the executive officer in the department and will be forwarded to payment after control, - in accordance with the agreement / completed work. If the claim is not correctly registered, it will be returned to the contractor.