"The place you'll never forget"

Volda University College

Volda University College (VUC) prides itself in providing the best possible environment for its students and staff. Creative and active scholars and administrators have made Volda a respected university.

Proud traditions
The university college has now four faculties, and offers six Master's programmes, more than 30 undergraduate study programmes, and about 300 study courses.  Volda offers many different educational options: media and communication, general and pre-school teacher education, social sciences, child care and social planning and governance, as well as literature, linguistics, maths and science, history, art and craft, sports and outdoor adventure, music and drama.

Nationally, Volda University College is perhaps best known for its journalism school, having educated many of the most important and influential journalists in Norway over the last thirty years.

Modern facilities
The university college has many useful and up-to-date facilities. The IT equipment is practical and easily available, with computer rooms and wireless network all over campus. The library is very modern and offers access to books and periodicals from around the world.  On campus there are also music and photgraphy studios, a theatre stage, group- and workshop rooms and reading rooms.

Volda University College collaborates with over 100 universities and research institutes around the world, in student exchang, research, faculty exchang and more. All students at VUC have the option of taking part of their degree at universities overseas. More than a hundred international students are enrolled at Volda University College during any given academic year, and their number is growing. The university college is among the foremost in internationalisation in Norway.

Research and development
Research and development plays an important role at the university, providing a solid foundation for the education we offer.  Strategic research areas include media and journalism, cultural encounters, professional practices, educational research, welfare studies, and applied arts. The nature of the research varies from individual research programs to applied development projects conducted in close cooperation with end users. The college encourages students to participate in research projects.

Walking distance
Our university campus is compact, with all the buildings within five minutes' walking distance from each other. In Volda, the Student Service and Welfare Organization offers quality accommodations at reasonable prices, in dorms.  These student residences are located close to campus and come with adequate facilities.