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Date of birth: 15th Oct. 1952

Academic title: Dosent / Professor
Phone office: 70 07 51 06
E-mail: ak@hivolda.no 
Phone private: 70 07 83 63

Officer Training Academy, Infantry 1971-72.
Cand. philol. 1981 (major in economic / social history ca 1600 - 1920) at Department of History and Classical Studies at NTNU, Trondheim.

Professional experience:
Military 1972-73 (1 year as NCO) and 6 months UN-service in UNIFIL (Lebanon) 1978-79; Home guard yearly 1969-2005. Major (reserve) 1998.
Author and editor "Bygdebok for Lesja" (farm- and genealogical history) 1981-1996, part-time 1992-1996.  
Publisher 1987-1989.
Assistant Professor (substitute) at Volda University College 1.8.1992, tenure 1.1.1994 as Associate Professor in history. Promoted Dosent 2015.
Head of Department of History, VUC 1993-95, 2001-03.
Vice-Dean of Faculty of Arts, VUC 2003-2007.

Some relevant assignments: 
Editor Lesja Historical Society Yearbook 1983-1989
Co-editor Heimen (scientific journal of local history) 1995-1998.
Member of editorial board Heimen 1999-2004.
Member of committee on information and communication technology (ICT), The Norwegian Institute of Local History since 1989.
Member of editorial board Slekt og Data 2004-2007.
Member of editorial board (Norwegian) Historical Journal 2005-2009.

Fields of research
Local history: methods, farm- and genealogical history, use of ICT in local history. Head of project Busetnadssoge (BSS), a data program assisting researchers in all stages of work with farm- and genelogical history, including final presentation of the achieved result as a book manuscript. See paper. From 2009 participating in HBR, a project funded by The Norwegian Research Council to plan a historical population register for Norway ca 1800-today.
Social and exonomic history of Norway 1600-1900 AD. Participating in project Cultural Perspective in the meeting of Civil Servants and peasant farmers at VUC funded by The Norwegian Research Council
Agricultural history in Norway 1600-1920 A.D.
Historical demography: family reconstitution 1600-2000 AD.
Photographs in local history.

Fields of teaching:
Survey of Norwegian, European and global history 400-1870 A.D. at undergraduate level.
Methods of local history.
Norwegian economic and social history 1300-1900 A.D.

Most important publications:
Utmarksbruk? - Noen linjer i jordbruksutviklingen i ei Trøndelagsbygd - Rennebu - gjennom tidene (1981). 138 p. Masters thesis.
Bygdebok for Lesja bd 1. Gards- og slektshistorie for Lesjaskogen (1987). 634 p.
Setrane i Lesja - i teikning og tekst (1988). 256 p. (drawings by Per Einbu app. 150 pages)
Bygdebok for Lesja bd 2. Gards- og slektshistorie for nørdre del av Lesja hovudsokn (1992). 736 p.
Bygdebok for Lesja bd 3. Gards- og slektshistorie for søre del av Lesja hovudsokn (1996). 800 p.
Bygdebok for Lesja bd 4. Foto og fotografering i Lesja og av lesjingar 1850-1950. (2008). 288 p., my part ca 210 p.

Personal webpage for projects and full-text publications (mostly Norwegian)

Personal blog from 2014 (Norwegian)