«Kunnskap for framtida»


This is to present the project

Promoting Democracy through Entrepreneurship: Student Company Methodology in Malawi Schools.

The project was started as a part of the larger project Capacity Building for Democracy in Teacher Training – Malawi and Norway. At Volda University College (VUC) it is based in Institute for Administration, Planning and Schools within the Faculty of Social Sciences and History. It is at partnership project between Chancellor College (CC), University of Malawi and VUC.

The main goal for the project is to adapt student centred approaches to learning through entrepreneurship and student enterprises. This learning is based on democratic values and principles in order to enhance human dignity, and thus help young people of Malawi out of poverty and apathy. The idea is to do this by helping the learners to develop attitudes and skills that promote creativity and active responsibility for their own future.

Project team

Chancellor College, University of Malawi:
Foster Kholowa (PhD),
Department of Curriculum and Teaching Studies
fkholowa@chanco.unima.mw, fack34@yahoo.com

Peter Namphande (MPhil),
Department of Curriculum and Teaching Studies

Volda University College, Norway:
Odd Ragnar Hunnes,
Faculty of Social Science and History

Bjørn Gunnar Tafjord,
Faculty of Social Science and History

Information on and from the project may be accessed through the following links:

* Student Enterprise. A pedagogical approach for secondary school

* Report 2008

* Student Enterprise – a teaching and learning Method on Democracy and Development for Malawi Schools?