«Kunnskap for framtida»

Welcome to the Research Centre for Literacy Studies

The Ivar Aasen Institute was a research institute, directly responsible to the Board of Volda University College. As of 1 January 2013, the institute has resurfaced as the Research Centre for Literacy Studies at Ivar Aasen Institute for Languages and Literature (Faculty of Humanities & Education).

Volda is a semi-rural community in the northern part of Western Norway. It has 9000 inhabitants, and Volda University College has 4000 students.

The Research Center for Literacy Studies works chiefly with the written culture which derives from the New Norwegian written language. New Norwegian was created as a standard orthography for Norwegian dialects in the mid-nineteenth century by the grammarian and language-reformer Ivar Aasen.

The two written forms of Norwegian have equal status as national languages.

Schoolchildren learn to write both across the whole country.

Anyone in Norway is entitled to communicate with all public authorities in whichever written form of the language s/he chooses.

The Research Centre is offering a Master's degree in New Norwegian Written Culture, with 44 currently enrolled students.

The Institute regularly arranges seminars, conferences and other academic events.


From Old Norse to Middle Norwegian
(By Stephen J.Walton)