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Social Sciences and History


The Faculty of Social Sciences & History offers professional qualification, continuing education, and single courses within social sciences, social work, history, public administration and planning. The Faculty is divided in the 3 departments, the Department for Social Work, the department of History and the Department for Public Administration and Planning.

Bachelor's programmes offered at the Faculty of Social Sciences & History (180 ECTS credits):

Social Work (This programme qualifies for social work in general; with individuals and groups and to administer social programmes).

Child Care (This programme qualifies for social and educational work with children, adolescents and their families who have social or personal difficulties, or are at risk of developing such difficulties).

Planning and administration

History, culture and society

Master's programmes offered at the Faculty of Social Sciences & History   (120 ECTS credits):

Planning and governance

Health and social sciences – coping and empowerment

Cultural encounter

In addition to these academic programmes, many popular in-service training and part time/distant courses are offered by the faculty; including modules in Crime Prevention, Management and Personnel Development, Problems of Drug and Substance Abuse, Pedagogy in the Public Health Sector, and Management in the Public Health Sector.

Approximately 40 academic and administrative staff members are connected to the faculty.

The academic staff are specialized in a number of disciplines and takes part in a number of research and development projects.