"The place you'll never forget"

Faculty of Media and Journalism


The Faculty of Media and Journalism has approximately 250 students and over 30 academic and administrative employees. It is one of the most renowned media faculties in Norway and offers Bachelor’s Programs in Journalism, Animation, and PR, communication and media.

The faculty also offers a Master’s Degree in Documentary Film Making And Journalism. We emphasize a balanced relation between theory and practice in all our educational programs and courses. Modern equipment and cutting edge technology provide the hardware for a good learning environment in our media studies and the Faculty of Media and Journalism aspires to be a leading institution with regards to equipment, technology, and production lines.

Through practical work periods, the students participate in the running of various medias like regional newspapers, Student-TV and Student Radio. We also have a close relationship with the Norwegian media industry and can offer educational internships around the country. This provides our students with exceptional networking possibilities as well as priceless learning opportunities.

Other courses offered are Media Science, Media History, Documentary Film Making and Photography.

Visions and aims

We wish to contribute to enhance the quality, knowledge level, and the diversity of opinions in the public discourse. The Faculty of Media and Journalism sees its mission in line with fundamental democratic ideals and values. The programs and courses offered through the faculty will prepare students for professional careers in media with a focus on information and public enlightenment, societal criticism and the watch-dog functions of free societies. Our goals are to bring attention to unacceptable situations and practices in society through the active use of the freedom of speech. These values are reflected both in the core curriculum, syllabus, teaching methods, and through faculty member’s active participation in today’s media-political debate.