"The place you'll never forget"

Faculty of Humanities and Education


The Faculty of Humanities & Education is the largest faculty at Volda University College with almost 1000 students and 90 staff members.

The courses offered through the faculty are organized within four departments: Language and literature, Natural sciences, Religion and ethics, and Education/ pedagogics. The staff offices of the faculty are located in the Berte Kanutte building and the Synnøve Riste building.

The Faculty of Humanities & Education offers programmes qualifying for professional work in pre-schools, primary and junior secondary schools and upper secondary schools. If you would like to work with children and youth, teacher education could be the professional career for you. Pedagogical work at the various levels of schooling requires teachers with a solid professional competence in a variety of fields.

The Faculty of Humanities & Education also offers study programmes within several other disciplines: Norwegian and English languages and literature, religion and ethics, natural sciences, mathematics, home economics and pedagogics. It incorporates its long traditions of teacher training with the perspectives of modern interactive teaching methods and ICT-based teaching to provide students the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed in the education system.

The Faculty of Humanities and Education has a 100 year-old tradition of teacher education. In 1895 Volda Teacher Training College was established, a college that later merged with the District College to form Volda University College. The aesthetically picturesque main building (the Kaarstad Building) symbolizes the rich traditions on which teacher education is built. This building was constructed at a time when the College was the largest institution for teacher education in the Nordic countries. At present, students spend their time in modern premises with well-equipped facilities, tailored to the needs of the various subjects taught.

The Faculty of Humanities and Education has close ties to the Ivar Aasen Institute.

Study programmes offered:

General Teacher Education (4 years/240 ECTS credits)
Professional Teacher Qualification (1 year/60 ECTS credits)

Bachelor's programmes (3 years/180 ECTS credits)
Bachelor of Education - Pre-School Education
Bachelor of Language and Literature
Bachelor of Religion and Language

Master’s degree programmes (120 ECTS credits)
New Norwegian Written Culture
Master of Education (with specializations in Special Needs/Pedagogics, Norwegian and Mathematics)

In addition the Faculty of Humanities and Education offers a number of subjects and subject areas of 30 and 60 ECTS credits, subjects that the students may choose as in-depth studies.