"The place you'll never forget"

Faculty of Arts and Physical Education


In our faculty you may study and combine subjects in drama and theatre, sports and outdoor life, arts and crafts, media and information/communication technology, and music. We focus on the creative student who wants practical competence with a solid academic base.

We are 40 staff and 400 students working with 5 different bachelor 's programmes, 7 year courses and several half-year courses, in-depth as well as further studies.

Performances, exhibitions, excursions, experiences, and work placement in schools and industry make up an important part of the programmes. The studies are targeted towards leisure, culture and working life, but also towards teacher education and work in primary, secondary school as well as in adult education.

The faculty has well equipped workshop and production facilities as well as concert hall, theatre hall, sports hall and swimming pool.

Seanse -  a center for art production i also located in our faculty. Seanse is the number one institution in Norway developing a program for Teaching Artists. 


Bachelor's programmes offered:

Physical Education and Nature Life/Outdoor Education


ICT, Media and Design Studies

Drama and Theatre