Activity groups

The project is working on several different activities, taken care of by the following activity groups:

Entrepreneurship group

Mr. Bjørn Gunnar Tafjord (leader), Mr. Frank Mtemang'ombe, Mr. Steve Dunga, Dr. Foster Kholowa

History group

Mr. Eivind Indresøvde (leader), Ms. Annie Chiponda, Dr. Birger Løvlie

Home page

Editors: Mr. Matthew Chilambo and Mr. Odd Ragnar Hunnes
Operators: Mr. Arngeir Berge and Mr. Frank Mtemang'ombe / Mr. Steve Dunga

Language group

Mr. Amos Chauma (leader), Dr. Foster Kholowa, Mr. Symon Chiziwa, Mr. Kjell Holby

Religion group

Dr. Birger Løvlie (leader), Mr. Robert Chonzi, Dr. Ralph Meier

Survey group

Dr. Bob Chulu (leader), Mr. Frank Mtemang'ombe, Mr. Steve Dunga, Mr. Odd Ragnar Hunnes, Dr. Samson McJessie-Mbewe, Mr. Leif Sletvold

Traces of democracy in Malawian culture

Mr.Robert Chonzi (leader), Mr. Amos Chauma, Mr. Matthew Chilambo

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