A resource book

The project has produced a paperback resource book on democracy in teacher training. The chapters of the book are supplied below in Adobe PDF file format. (Adobe Reader is required to view the files.)

Any part of the publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without prior permission of the publishers as long as the source is acknowledged. Illustrations in preface and chapters 4 & 5: Geir Grav, Layout: Davie Sauwa. When referencing a specific chapter the author of the chapter should be acknowledged.

Chilambo, M. & O.R. Hunnes (ed) (2007): Learning Democracy: A resource book. Balaka: Montfort Media.

LEARNING DEMOCRACY : A resource book

Preface: Open up for Democracy

PART 1: Fundamentals on Learning and Democracy

Chapter 1: Learning Citizenship in Democracy
Chapter 2: So what is democracy about?

PART 2: How to go about it – Two Suggestions
Chapter 3: Survey on Democracy in the Classroom – a Didactic Approach
Chapter 4: Searching for Traces of Democracy in the Students’ own Culture

PART 3: A Look back: Historical Background
Chapter 5: Democracy in Norway in a Historical Perspective
Chapter 6: Democratization Process in Malawi since Independence
Chapter 7: To legitimate Power or to be a prophetic Voice – a Choice for Churches

PART 4: Perspectives of Special Interest
Chapter 8: Christian Faith and Values of Democracy
Chapter 9: Promoting the Use of Mother Tongue in Education – a Case for Democracy
Chapter 10: Democracy and Gender Issues
Chapter 11: Participation in Democracy – a Challenge
Chapter 12: Entrepreneurship and Democracy
Chapter 13: Can Democracy be measured?

PART 5: In Schools
Chapter 14: Building Democracy by teaching Religion and Ethics
Chapter 15: Reconciling Democracy and Responsibility in Schools
Chapter 16: Possibilities and Challenges in initiating democratic Practices in Schools in Malawi

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Here you can download the entire book: PDF | DOC